Ox burned in Williams Lake Fire returns to local farm for recovery

Sprite The Ox
Credit: Sullivan Family Farms Facebook

CHENEY, Wash. — Sullivan Family Farms is welcoming back one of its favorite animals.

They will be celebrating the return of Sprite the ox, who was recovering from the Williams Lake Fire that burned near Cheney in July.

“We were in awe of the support of our community as we rallied around Sprite and did everything we could to help him heal,” Sullivan Family Farms said on their Facebook page. “It only makes sense that we all come together to celebrate him and welcome him back to the farm stand! He’s been practicing walking longer distances so he’s ready to make his journey to the farm stand!”

Sullivan Family Farms will also welcome their newest calf, Killian, to the farm.

The public is invited to Sprite’s welcome home party. There will be an opportunity to shop for candles, chai, treats and more. You can also take a succulent pumpkin class, a fall bouquet class or a peony workshop if you want. You can sign up for those classes online.

Sprite’s welcome back party is on Saturday, October 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the farm stand at Sullivan Family Farms.

You can find more information below.

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