Owner of Cougar Country denies closure; details financial problems with business

Owner of Cougar Country denies closure; details financial problems with business

The owner of Pullman’s Cougar Country Drive-In denies employee information that the beloved restaurant is closing, but detailed to kxly4 extensive financial problems that have led to unpaid employees and suppliers.

Rhonda Witt-Miller called KXLY4 Friday afternoon to say that, despite what employees have said, the business is not closing. Witt said she isn’t sure why the employees would think that, but she did admit that employees were asked not to cash recent paychecks because they would likely not clear.

KXLY heard from multiple employees that the future of the business is uncertain and it may not be open after this weekend. One employee message said that employees who come to work this weekend aren’t guaranteed to get paid.

Witt blamed two things on the financial problems. She said she had to recently pay a major, unexpected tax payment. She also said she thinks they have a theft problem and suspects someone has been stealing from the business. She said she has not involved law enforcement, despite her suspicions.

Witt said the employees may have been uncertain because they’ve been unable to pay a major supplier. She said financing to pay for that supplier came through on Thursday.

When asked why her employees may believe they are out of a job, Witt said she couldn’t say for sure, but it may have to do with the fact they were asked not to cash their paychecks and that the supplies were uncertain.

She said, despite being retired, she plans to go back to work to see if she can figure out who may be stealing and get the finances back in order.