Over 1,000 Spokane drivers ticketed in first 10 days of school

In just the first 10 days of school, more than 1,000 Spokane drivers were caught on school zone speeding cameras.

That’s almost 30% more drivers than last year, according to the City of Spokane, which says there’s a reason behind the rise.

The City installed three new speed cameras a few months ago. They only go online during school days when school zones are active.

“I wish they had them up everywhere, truly,” said Denise Hulsizer who lives in a school zone near Willard Elementary. “On all the busy streets, where all the crosswalks are. Helps the kids, helps the crosswalk guards.”

Hulsizer says she’s seen dogs killed and several car crashes from speeding along Monroe.

“There’s lots of races going on up and down here,” said Hulsizer. “They start at Wellesley and from the stop light they see how fast they can go to the next stop light, which is Garland.”

This year saw an increase of 326 violators compared to last year in just a 10-day span. The City believes that increase is due to the added cameras.

“That shocked me. That’s amazing, actually,” said Hulsizer. “But I could see it, just from what all we see out here on this street.”

Longfellow Elementary came in at number one, with 455 violations. Ridgeview and Willard Elementary followed close behind.

“We’re still seeing a lot of fast cars cruise through here but hopefully they get it and slow down,” said Hulsizer.

The City also released numbers on red light cameras. Between the middle of August and September, nearly 2,000 drivers were ticketed- slightly higher than last year.

The most red light runners were caught at Third and Freya.