OSPI releases Q&A sheet on schools reopening amid COVID-19 concerns

Kid Student School Desk

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) released a Q&A sheet for school districts reopening in the fall.

The Q&A sheet addresses changes and policies brought forth after Superintendent Chris Reykdal announced mid-June that schools would soon be reopening.

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OSPI reports that schools will reopen independent of whatever phase their county is in; meaning that all schools must implement social distancing, PPE, illness monitoring, handwashing and hygiene practices.

Students and staff will need to be screened and have temperatures taken before entering school—whether that testing is done at home or at the school itself.

Face coverings will be mandatory, will several exceptions; school buses will remain at their normal capacity, with no social distancing implemented, but all students onboard must wear face masks.

That does not carry over to the schools themselves, where face masks and social distancing will be combined in classrooms and congregate areas. OSPI says this is due to the longer periods of time people spend there, as opposed to bus rides.

If students or staff contract COVID-19, local health officials will step in to identify anyone that may need to self-quarantine. OSPI says a COVID case will not necessarily mean a school has to shut down.