OSHA’s emergency temporary standard to stay despite Supreme Court’s decision

SPOKANE, Wash. — While the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate, OSHA’s safety standard may stay.

SCOTUS voted a 6-3 opinion to grant a stay for legal challenges made for OSHA’s emergency temporary standard. That decision could mean the safety standard put in place by OSHA will stay until a new one is made.

With Biden’s mandate out and OSHA’s standard in place, businesses can permit non-vaccinated workers on the job. However, these employees would need to wear masks and get tested weekly.

The Supreme Court’s decision was met with mixed reviews, with some praising it for allowing workers to stay employed with the current staffing struggles many are facing. Others were outraged with the current state the pandemic is in. In a current workforce shortage, the decision may have come to highlight bigger problems than the current pandemic.

The state of Washington may implement stricter requirements moving forward, however, OSHA’s new standard may pave the way for workplace regulations regarding COVID-19.

Along with OSHA’s emergency temporary standard, the CMS vaccine requirement for medical workers stands as well.

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