Order Restored offers tips to get your home organized for back to school

Order Restored offers tips to get your home organized for back to school

Back to school can be overwhelming. There’s a lot you need to keep track of, from practices to homework assignments. The notices for it all can get overwhelming.

Abbey Reeves is a Spokane mom who will have her hands more than full this fall. Her two girls are starting school and she has twin boys due in October.

“I’m feeling panic, a little anxiety,” Reeves said.

She’s on a mission to get organized ahead of their arrival and decided to call in reinforcements.

“It just felt like things, all the drawers were getting full and closets were getting messy,” she shared.
Fellow mom Katie Regelin knows the struggle.

“The volume of things that come in when you have kids is unimaginable until you actually have them,” Regelin said.

Last year, she decided to take her love of organizing and turn it in to a full time job, forming a company called Order Restored.

“Once I figured out the systems that worked for me, then I wanted to share that with other women,” Regelin explained.

For Abbey, her biggest struggle is throwing things out.

“I’m pretty bad at just letting my kids keep whatever.”

To get ready for the influx of paper that comes with school-age kids, Katie recommends making a household box.

“The household box is more of a day to day. You are going to be in that regularly,” Regelin said.

Keep folders inside for different family members, calendars and to-do lists.

For those important crafts, photos and awards, she says assemble a keepsake box.

“Abbey had a lot of papers on the counter, and the ultrasound photos. You start right in the beginning, filing those in there, then toddler and it goes all the way up through the school year so kindergarten through 12th grade,” Regelin said.

The keepsake box limits what is kept, because if you hold on to everything, then nothing is special.
Abbey is already working on a strategy to keep these systems up when her mom duties are doubled.

“I think my husband is on board and I think he wants to keep it going so the both us will work to keep it in check.”