Oprah names Spokane author’s book one of the best of 2020

Jess Walter

SPOKANE, Wash – Add “The Cold Millions” to another list of the best books of 2020.

Friday, Oprah Magazine listed Spokane author Jess Walter’s new novel among the 20 best of the year.

“The Cold Millions” is a fictional take on real events that happened with the labor and free speech movements in Spokane in 1909 and 1910. Earlier this week, the Washington Post also listed it among the year’s best.

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In the review on the Oprah Magazine website, “The Cold Millions” review says “the greatest triumph of The Cold Millions is how it mines literary realism but remains optimistic even in the face of tragedy. It’s a thrilling yarn that simultaneously underscores the cost of progress and celebrates the American spirit.”

“The Cold Millions” brings Spokane history to life with real-life characters like legendary feminist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and one-time Spokane Police Chief John Sullivan. We also go on a journey with two brothers, Gig and Rye, who are typical of so many men who came to Spokane during its boom looking for work and, sometimes, trouble.

The novel is Walter’s seventh novel. He has also written a collection of short stories that was on Barack Obama’s list of favorite books of 2019. His full-time writing career began with “Every Knee Shall Bow,” an account of the standoff at Ruby Ridge.

Author’s note: The Cold Millions is my favorite book of 2020 and my favorite of all of Walter’s novels. You can read my review at this link.