Opening statements given in former Spokane officer’s rape trial

SPOKANE, Wash. — Nathan Nash’s rape trial is now underway.

Opening statements started Wednesday with the state arguing Nash failed to protect and serve the women he is accused of sexually assaulting.

The defense argues while there was sexual contact with these women, he did not rape them.

The state argued Nash was not the detective tasked with following up on these women’s calls for help but did so anyway.

They also state Nash deactivated his body camera, during the times he is accused of sexual assault.       

“She trusted in the badge and uniform, this officer took advantage of —trust and left that uniform on complete with his firearm, when he raped miss in her own living room,” the state’s attorney said.

Nash’s attorney said while sexual contact occurred between Nash and these women, rape didn’t.

“Not penetration, not rape, not intercourse, it was a very brief situation, we expect DNA evidence to support his statements that he gave to the police,” Nash’s attorney said.

During court Wednesday, one of the women alleging Nash sexually assaulted her spoke about her experience.

“Next thing I know there were fingers being shoved in me, ” Nash’s victim said when recounting the time he raped her.

The trial continues Thursday and will last three weeks.

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