On the ballot: Spokane’s $572 million school and library bond

On the ballot: Spokane’s $572 million school and library bond

In just about two weeks, you’ll be getting your ballot in the mail and if you live in Spokane, you’ll find three measures worth nearly $600 million. The measures are made possible by an unprecedented partnership between the city, Spokane Public Schools, and the Spokane Public Library.

“Not all cities look at things this way, and we want to make sure that we’re making the best decisions for our citizens,” said Amanda Donovan with the Spokane Public Library.

When you get your ballot, you’ll see Spokane Public Schools Bond Prop 1. It’s worth $495.3 million and if approved, schools will see smaller class sizes as sixth graders move to a sixth, seventh and eighth grade model. Three middle schools will be built on city property and three others will be replaced.

If SPS Bond Prop 1 passes, Joe Albi Stadium will be replaced. The city will offer a stadium advisory vote on the ballot, which is the second piece of the bond partnership. Voters will have the chance to weigh in on if a new stadium should be built downtown or if the current stadium should be remodeled and downsized to 5,000 seats.

The final piece of the bond partnership is the City of Spokane Bond Prop 1, worth $77 million. If voters give it the go-ahead, we’ll see three new libraries in Spokane and four others getting renovations.

“Good schools and good libraries in your community means better education opportunities, better informed citizens, happier citizens,” Donovan said. “I think it’s definitely worth it.”

If you live in city limits, you’ll see all three measures on your ballot. If you live outside the city but within the school district boundary, you’ll only see SPS Bond Prop 1.

At KXLY4, we want you to weigh in — so we can take your questions to the city, the schools and the libraries. We plan to bring you in-depth stories on each measure Oct. 8-10, so drop a comment below with your questions about the bonds.

The voter registration deadline is Oct. 8 if you’re registering online or by mail. The in-person deadline is Oct. 29. Ballots will be mailed Oct. 19 and are due Nov. 6. For more on the partnership, click here.