Old Hillyard library could be home to MultiCare’s new behavioral health clinic

SPOKANE, Wash. – The old Hillyard library could soon be home to MultiCare’s new behavioral health clinic. 

MultiCare Inland Northwest is working with the Northeast Community Center to find ways to bridge the gap and provide easier access to mental health needs. 

The combination of the pandemic and staffing shortages means some people are waiting months to get mental health care. MultiCare says its appointments are booked a few months out. 

The healthcare provider says building a new clinic in the Hillyard area will bring more resources to people in a big time of need. 

“It’s a tragedy to see people in need to wait so long, but really we’re so overwhelmed. I think in behavioral health, with the last couple of years, workforce shortage, increase in demand, it’s really a complex equation to try and solve,” said Samantha Clark, the assistant vice president of strategy business development for MultiCare’s Behavioral Health Network.

Getting the clinic up and running will take $1.85 million, but $600,000 is already available.

The Spokane City Council will discuss a resolution on Monday to commit an additional $500,000 to help MultiCare and the NECC in redeveloping the old library. 

MultiCare expects the clinic to open in April 2023 and plans to have 30 clinicians help serve the area. The clinic will have different mental health support including substance abuse support, medication management for kids and adults and more.

Clark says once the clinic is up and running, it could have about 34,000 therapy visits for kids and adults each year.

For more information on what MultiCare and NECC are doing, click here.

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