Officer placed on administrative leave during investigation

Officer placed on administrative leave during investigation

UPDATE: The 32-year-old daughter of Spokane police officer has been charged with kidnapping and assault with deadly a weapon.

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On Thursday, the Spokane Police Department placed Officer John Arredondo on administrative leave while detectives investigate an alleged kidnapping during which the officer’s daughter brought the victim to his home.

Detectives are trying to determine how and when Arredondo learned about the kidnapping.

The officer put the injured kidnap victim in his patrol car and then drove her to Holy Family’s Emergency room after she showed up on his doorstep.

He then called his supervisor to tell them Arredondo had developed a lot of information about the abduction.

It started Wednesday night when two men walked inside a home on East Courtland and kidnapped a woman.

The pair claimed that the woman had stolen illegal drugs from them and they would kill her if she didn’t give back the drop or their cash equivalent.

The victim was forced inside a Range Rover and driven to an apartment complex in North Spokane.

That’s where the police officer’s 32-year-old daughter, Ashley Arredondo, allegedly stabbed the victim in the arm with a knife.

By then, Spokane Police had already been dispatched to where the kidnapping had happened.

And that’s when Officer Arredondo got a call from one of his relatives.

“The officer responded to an incident in which one of his family members had transported the victim to his house,” said Spokane Police Department Chief Craig Meidl. “The officer then transported the victim to the hospital.”

Officer Arredondo then called his supervisor and major crimes detectives headed to Holy Family to interview the victim.

Her statements led to the arrest of Jamar Dickerson and Sherard Henderson on kidnapping charges.

Detectives also think they have probable cause to charge the officer’s daughter although she did not appear in court on Friday with the other suspects.

Officer Arredondo is on administrative leave.

“It’s not punitive…we’re not saying anything did or did not occur,” said Meidl, “but for the safety of everyone else, for transparency and integrity, that was the best choice for the community, the officer, and the department.”

The police department has asked the Sheriff’s office to take over this kidnapping investigation.

Sheriff’s deputies have already stated Ashley Arredondo needs to be arrested.

Officer Arredondo is not suspected of breaking the law but may have been influenced by concern for his family.