Of the nearly 100 dogs left abandoned in a N. Idaho home, 27 have been adopted

Kellogg Dog Kennel
Courtesy of Kootenai Humane Society

KELLOGG, Idaho — Last week, 85 dogs and 10 cats were found abandoned in a Kellogg home after an evicted renter left them behind.

Now, 27 of those pooches have been adopted, according to the Kootenai Humane Society.

The shelter was so overwhelmed with adoption requests, they put up a notice on the site reading ‘Hoarding Dog Applications Are Closed.’

For four days, 85 dogs and 10 cats were alone. They were abandoned in the Kellogg home after their owner was evicted.

The Humane Society says dogs were found in the walls and excrement was everywhere, calling the living conditions “deplorable.” Five pregnant dogs and the young puppies went to foster care, while two dogs died in Kellogg, and the rest are at a vet.

The dogs are believed to be between 3-weeks and 8-years-old. Some are yorkies, terriers or chihuahuas. The humane society said they are all in pretty good shape.

Kellogg Police said they are pursuing animal cruelty charges against the owner who abandoned them.

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