Obermiller trial draws to a close

Obermiller trial draws to a close

The trial of a Spokane man accused of murdering a two year old girl is winding down and on Monday the suspected killer took the stand in his own defense.

Jason Obermiller told his jury he loved the little girl, but prosecutors insisted he was the last person to see Adalynn Hoyt alive.

Shortly after, Obermiller took the stand himself.

As the state called its last witnesses the prosecution spelled out a couple of motives for why Jason Obermiller would want to kill a two year old he seemed to be fond of.

Obermiller was tasked with watching little Adalynn so her mom , Lovina Rainey could go out with a new beau in her life.

Obermiller didn’t like seeing his ex-girl making time with someone else.

He also blamed Rainey for botching one of the group’s drugs deals.

Prosecutors said they have also proven Obermiller was the last person to see Adalynn alive when he put her to sleep in his bedroom.

Obermiller also said that was the last time he saw Adalynn .

He claimed he didn’t know anything was wrong until he got a phone call from Adalynn’s mom the next day.

And that was the last time Obermiller talked to Addy’s grieving mother. Obermiller never even returned to the home to offer his condolences.

Obermiller said the next day he learned he was a suspect in Adalynn’s murder by watching the news and reacted by going into hiding for the next week.

Deputies in Kootenai county found Obermiller after he broke into a lake Couer d’ Alene cabin.

Closing arguments are expected in this case on Tuesday.