Obermiller trial decision still in the works

Obermiller trial decision still in the works

Spokane’s medical examiner said two year old Adalynn Hoyt was beaten to death.

But during this two week trial it’s become apparent what really doomed this child was growing up in a drug house.

Prosecutors said Adalynn was a casualty of a meth deal gone bad.

It was the very first thing Jason Obermiller confessed to his jury when he took the stand for his own defense.

But dealing ounce quantities of meth doesn’t necessarily make Obermiller a child killer.

In fact, the defense says there is no physical evidence and no eye witness that link Obermiller to Adalynn’s death.

However, that time frame is not consistent with a piece of pizza found inside the child’s mouth after she was killed.

Adalynn was eating pizza the night before.

Prosecutors want the jury to believe that Obermiller was mad at Adalynn’s mom.

She had botched a drug deal that was about to cost Obermiller his beloved car.

They allege Obermiller wanted to hurt Adalynn just enough to trigger a CPS investigation.

However, 64 different injuries, including one blow that severed an internal artery, were found on Adalynn’s body.

Obermiller’s jury deliberated for about five hours on Tuesday afternoon without reaching a verdict.

Deliberations will resume on Wednesday morning.