Nuisance home-on-wheels frustrating Hillyard businesses

Nuisance home-on-wheels frustrating Hillyard businesses

A nuisance home on wheels has neighbors and business owners concerned. Everyone wants it gone- but who has to do the cleanup?

“Before it was here,. you could sit out in the parking lots, [and] see the animals, the deer. We’ve seen deer we’ve seen elk, we’ve seen turkeys – everything come down the mountain. now all you can see is a burned out R.V.” said Travis Louther.

Louther works at Prince Telecom on Rowan. The R.V. sits on a shoulder just behind his building, on Havana.

“It moved in about six months ago, last fall. It was parked up on a city street, the city came and made it move… because it wasn’t licensed, and [the R.V.’s owner] pulled it down here,” Louther said.

“Down here” is a bit of a jurisdictional gray area. Havana is a City of Spokane road, but the land to the east is subject to county rules.

“This area here has always been bad for dumping garbage, but nobody will do anything about it. I’ve gotten on camera, taken pictures of guys dumping stuff and nobody will do anything,” Louther said.

Frustrated neighbors say they have exhausted their options.

“We’ve called code enforcement, we’ve called the sheriff’s department, we’ve called Crime Check… not only us but the owner of that property, other business owners around here have [called].. and we just we cannot get rid of it,” Louther said.,

A viewer reached out to KXLY about the R.V. She said she saw kids playing near the mess, which includes rusted metal, rotting food and loose needles.

The folks who made the mess are long gone, but someone has to clean it up.

Spokane County Code Enforcement Neighborhood Specialist Dave Jensen told KXLY that because people were initially living inside it started as a trespassing issue, thus making it law enforcement’s problem.

But two months ago, a fire sent the R.V.’s residents packing, though it appears they didn’t take much with them.

Now, it’s code enforcement’s problem.

Jensen said that he was assigned to the case just last week, but that according to his map, the R.V — and all its junk — are actually on private property that answers to county codes.

Jensen said he has notified the property owner, who could face court if the mess is not cleaned up. KXLY is trying to contact him as well.