Note found stuck in body of murder victim revealed

Note found stuck in body of murder victim revealed

For the first time since the December murder, investigators have revealed what was written on a note found stuck in the body of a Grant County murder victim.

In what Grant County detectives call one of the most savage murders they’ve ever investigated, 31-year old Jill Sundberg was shot multiple times; her body was dumped near the Old Vantage Highway. Detectives found a note, stuck in Sundberg’s back with a knife but hadn’t revealed what it said.

Now considered a matter of public record, investigators Tuesday revealed its contents.

“Esto Les Pava todos las chivas ke la alden caganod mujeres I chivas culeres keno respite el cartel del golfo.”

“Please note that we have learned the translation of this writing may differ from translator to translator,” said Grant County Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman. Foreman said the translation investigators developed was:

“For all those whores, bitches and assholes that show no respect to the gulf cartel.”

The Gulf Cartel is one of the oldest drug cartels in Mexico with reach around the world.

Sundberg lived in the same RV park as the men accused of killing her. Witnesses say she was partying with the men when Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez lost his temper with her, forced her into an SUV and kidnapped her.