Northwest heat wave: Death toll reaches at least 112

Dozens Of Deaths May Be Tied To Historic Northwest Heat Wave
Colin Mulvany

With the temperature well over 100 degrees, Spokane, Wash., firefighter Sean Condon, left and Lt. Gabe Mills, assigned to the Alternative Response Unit of of Station 1, check on the welfare of a man in Mission Park in Spokane, Wash., Tuesday, June 29, 2021. The special fire unit, which responds to low priority calls, has been kept busy during this week's heatwave.

SEATTLE (AP) — Authorities say last month’s Pacific Northwest heat wave that toppled all-time temperature records killed at least 112 people in Washington state.

KUOW reports the Department of Health updated its tally on Monday, which caused the death toll to increase by 21.

In Washington, the bulk of the deaths were in the state’s most populous counties, King, Pierce and Snohomish, though 20 of Washington’s 39 counties reported at least one death caused by the triple-digit heat. The death toll is likely to continue to rise as more deaths are reported and as data is shared between government agencies.

Oregon has blamed at least 116 deaths on the heat and officials in British Columbia say hundreds of “sudden and unexpected deaths” are likely due to the soaring temperatures.

Cities across the region broke all-time heat records during late June’s extreme weather. Seattle hit 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) and Portland, Oregon, reached 116 F (46.6 C).

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