Northeast Spokane neighbors say they are fed up with a nearby house littered with junk

SPOKANE, Wash. — You have to see it to believe it. The pictures can’t do this justice. A home in northeast Spokane is wreaking havoc on the neighborhood it stands in.

Trash, junk, and even needles litter this home at Dalton and Pittsburg. The people who live nearby are fed up. After hearing from neighbors and seeing the house posted on the Nextdoor app, the 4 News Now team looked into it.

“My kids shouldn’t have to grow up even being around something like that,” said somebody who lives nearby. “They’ll be nodding off on the porch, screaming, fighting. And, it’s a daily basis. And a lot of the time it’s the middle of the night and it wakes our kids up and wakes us up.”

This family chose not to share their names, or be shown on camera, to protect themselves.

Neighbors said the mess has been accumulating for two years. They even said there was a fire a few months ago.

With the constant chaos, they’re worried about the safety of their own children.

“We found needles in the front yard. Our son actually did. He came and told us,” the neighbor explained.

While driving by the home to get a look into the situation we spoke with a man who was on the front lawn. He told us his name was Bryce Howe, which matches the name of the homeowner on the Assessor’s website.

He told us he had been charged with second-degree murder and spent quite a bit of time in jail. He didn’t want to be interviewed but told us he knows people are upset about his yard. He said he just doesn’t care.

“Everyone knows about it. The Health Department, the code enforcement, the police, the fire dept, and nothing has been done. It’s been two years. I feel like a crazy person. This is just going on and everyone is allowing it to. Absolutely crazy!” the neighbors exclaimed.

The police department said it issued a chronic nuisance notice several months ago. Police have also issued citations for code violators to the owner.

They emphasized they want the homeowner to take action and they’re always willing to work with the homeowner. However, they’ve moved beyond that.

They’re currently taking neighbor statements with the intention they may need to file a lawsuit in Superior Court to abate the nuisance. Essentially, they’d board up the home and people on the property would need to leave.

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