North Idaho man helps reunite items found at recycling center with owner

Found at recycling center in North Idaho
Photo: Dustin Pharness

GARWOOD, Idaho– A North Idaho man helped make sure items he found while working at a recycling center were returned to their owner.

Dustin Pharness said he works at Site Solutions near Garwood and found an American flag, a pin, and a certificate from the U.S. Navy, along with a diploma with the name Erlene Heller on it. He posted to the North Idaho Life Facebook page Wednesday asking for help returning the items to the owner or her family.

“I have a feeling family members would love to have this stuff back,” he said in part on the post.

The post had only been up for a short amount of time before a private investigator said he knew who the items belonged to. He was able to get in touch with Pharness and will have the items sent to him so he can get them to their owner.

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