North Idaho library director resigning, citing ‘extremism’, ‘threatening behavior’

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho – The director of the Boundary County Library announced her resignation, citing threats and extremism that have gone on for months.

Kimber Glidden posted her resignation on the library’s Facebook page Thursday.

She said in part, “nothing in my background could have prepared me for the political atmosphere of extremism, militant Christian fundamentalism, intimidation tactics, and threatening behavior currently being employed in the community.”

What she’s referencing is a trend seen in other communities across the country, with complaints over certain materials in library collections.

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According to local media coverage in Bonners Ferry, the controversy has been going on for months over the contents of the library and the need to protect children from seeing pornographic images.

There has been a recall effort to remove members of the library board of trustees.

Glidden wrote in a separate post that the library “does not carry a single title being circulated to generate fear and hate.”

The Boundary County Human Rights Task Force has stepped up to side with the library, writing that “both the Boundary County Library and school district have come under attack by some individuals and groups seeking to unduly influence these non-partisan institutions with their personal partisan ideologies.”

“In recent years, a mixture of religious extremism and antigovernment militant views, some of which has been associated with the American Redoubt movement, has been growing in our community,” the task force wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month. “Destroying public education and public libraries and overtaking local government are part of their efforts to impose their ideologies that exploit fear and anger and are often funded by dark money outside our community and state.”

A library board meeting in July had to be canceled over what the library board called an “increase in harassing behavior, derogative accusations and a purported threat of violence.”

In Facebook comments on Glidden’s resignation, one person wrote “One small step for man, one giant VICTORY for Boundary County.”

Another called Glidden “the new pronoun using woke style library director” with a “woke agenda.”

Most others, though, supported Glidden and cited their disappointment in the situation.

One commenter said, “the only victory here has been for bigotry.”