North Central Shining Star already has both eyes on the future

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many high school athletes have been playing their respective sports since they were young, and spent years trying to perfect their craft. For North Central Senior David Johnson, his final season has been a lifetime in the making trying to reach his goals.

“Because for me it’s kind of like therapy. I don’t get really physical and so this is where I can bring it all out,” David said.

Johnson has been wrestling since he was 8 years old.  He says it helps a lot with his grades and gives him a chance to put that energy in a positive place, and even though he has competed for most of his life, he’s still learning constantly.

“You start to learn that there’s no point in trying to be timid anymore, you have to push forward and just take chances because you know you’re not going to have a next time.”

David’s goal is to make it to state and join the long list of all time greats at North Central.

“He has a great mindset of just looking how he can become 1 percent better everyday, how he can improve in everyway even if it’s win or lose,” said Bryan Wais, the varsity assistant coach who has coached David for the past three seasons.

Off the mat and inside the classroom, David maintains a 3.6 GPA, taking on multiple AP classes, and uses that success as motivation for his wrestling.

“I need to show an example as a wrestler because I can’t slack off or else I can’t compete or do practices,” David said.

Post high school, he’s leaning towards going to Eastern Washington University in hopes of eventually getting into medical school so he can pursue a career in optometry. For these final few months of his high school career, he will have his eyes on the prize in his final go around this winter, trying to approach every match like a game of chess.

“You have to think behind each move. You can’t just do something and expect it to work you actually have to put thought into it.”