North Central HS Cheerleaders head to national competition

North Central HS Cheerleaders head to national competition

You usually see cheerleaders on the sidelines, but now, the North Central High School’s cheerleading team is taking center stage for a national competition.

“It’s the first time that North Central has ever taken a team to nationals,” head coach Amanda Fuentes said.

Fuentes has built this program up so athletes like senior Taiyler Soderquist can count on having a memorable high school experience.

“I just love the positivity, like, that’s probably cliche, cheerleading and positivity, but everyone just really is really friendly and really welcoming on the team and I love that,” Soderquist said.

Soderquist and her teammates will run through their routine every practice to make sure they’re ready for USA Spirit Nationals in Anaheim, California next week.

Their hopes are high and so are their jumps. They’ve been working on their tumbling, stunting, and dancing for months. Soderquist admitted that getting to nationals is half the fun.

“I am super excited. It’s going to be the first time I’ve ever been on a plane so that’s super exciting that I get to do it with my team and I’m also just really excited for this huge bonding experience that we are all going to have in California,” Soderquist said.

No matter what happens, Fuentes said she’s proud of her team.

“I constantly remind the team that they’ve already met such a good goal and they’ve accomplished so much getting here,” Fuentes said.

The team has almost raised enough money to cover their entire trip, but still need a little more. You can donate here.