Non-profit that provides formal wear for kids in need now looking for new home

A non-profit in Spokane that helps kids in need is unsure of what their future will be like, as they just received notice to vacate the building.

Hannah’s Prom and Dress Closet is located in downtown Spokane on Bernard Street, just south of Riverfront Park. The organization gives away dresses for prom, homecoming, weddings and even men’s formal wear.

Executive Director Karen Herford said the owners of the building say they need the space for something else, so soon the non-profit will be without space to house more than 1,500 dresses and other accessories.

“I think I was just devastated. I don’t even know what to do, or the first step to make,” Herford said. “This is such unfamiliar territory for me.”

They recently wanted to expand as well, wanting to offer beauty services, but now they can’t.

She said the non-profit has been working for 13 years. This is 13 years of giving young women joy in finding the perfect dress without having to stress about money.

“We want to make sure that these young ladies are able to get a dress for their homecoming and prom and not have to let this go by the wayside,” she said.

Herford said the place was perfect for them, as the population they serve would need to access them by bus or even walking.

“I have a personal attachment to the girls that we serve for than just the building. The building just gets us where we need to be,” she said.

But now, they don’t know where they will go and all the work they’ve put into the current place will be gone.

“The dressing rooms that we’ve built, all the things, the blood sweat and tears that went into this, even before me,” she said. “The last four years to do renovations and all the things that we do, I don’t know how to start that over.”

Now, they have to, and she’s asking for the community’s help.

“What I hope to have from this is to have community leaders to walk alongside me,” she said. “Help us find a place to serve our community… We want to all lift these people up to be able to make sure they’re not being bullied because they don’t have a dress for homecoming or prom, or they don’t go, because they don’t have a dress for homecoming or prom. That’s the big thing.”

Herford said they have to be out of the place by November 30.