‘Nobody let us know’: Security video shows the moment the accused Post Falls shooter started his crime spree

POST FALLS, Idaho– What started like any other normal day in Post Falls turned terrifying when an accused shooter started firing randomly.

The accused shooter, Tisen Sterkel, made his first appearance in court Thursday where his bail was set at $2 million. Sterkel faces 12 charges including assault, battery, burglary, robbery and more.

The shooting happened in the afternoon Wednesday in the parking lot of the Conoco gas station and the Kokopelli Coffee stand. Two people were shot and taken to hospital.

The Kokopelli Coffee stand said one of those who got shot was the husband of a barista. The other person shot was a person who visited the gas station.

On Thursday, surveillance video from the gas station was released. It shows Sterkel hanging out back for about 45 minutes. The gas station manager Karn Virk said he was taking inventory when it happened.

“I look around and I hear another pop. And then with the coincidence, someone was at pump number one and their tire punctured. And I was like, ‘what the hell, dude, your tire just punctured,” Virk said.

Virk said he tried to stay calm once he realized what was going on. He said he grabbed the key to lock the front door and his gun then ran inside.

Once Virk saw the security video showing how long Sterkel has been there he was disappointed that nobody has realized what was happening ahead of time. Sterkel is seen talking to several people while he’s there. He’s also in the video walking around with his gun and shooting it.

“If you see something suspicious, just call in. Just let someone know. Because the guy was acting suspicious and we were kind of busy and we usually always pay attention. After seeing some of the videos, some people probably passed by when he had his firearm and he was loading it. But nobody let us know or said anything to us,” Virk said.

One of the baristas from Kokopelli Coffee described the situation as more confusing than scary.

“I don’t think the fear set in until after it happened. It’s like, what the heck is going on. It’s not something you expect to see,” she said.

The employee, who did not want to be named, said she heard several shots go off. A few seconds later, another Kokopelli employee’s husband knocked on the window and said he’d been shot.

They let him in, called police and waited for them to come.

“It was kind of a blur at first. We just wanted to make sure he was okay and was tended to,” she said. “It all just seemed to happen really quick.”

The coffee stand says it’s had an outpouring of support following the shooting. There’s even a GoFundMe for the employee’s husband.

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