Noah Ray Sets Shining Example at Medical Lake

Noah Ray Sets Shining Example at Medical Lake

“Something just clicked in my head saying, you can do it.”

A potent serve, a revered leader, and a magnetic smile on the tennis court. All built through adversity for Medical Lake’s Noah Ray.

“I think my biggest thing is just always getting told no growing up I definitely wasn’t the average sports kid, so i think just getting told no so much was just so hard to deal with.”

But getting told no has put a child on Ray’s shoulder, pushing him to attain a 4.0 GPA and powerful mentality.

Coach Wellesley: “Definitely strong-willed, in a good way, but he definitely has the power to gear himself up and motivate himself but I think that has only made him a stronger person.”

And a stronger player. Ray has competed as the number one boys singles since eighth grade, and earned all-league four years in a row. He’s also the state president for the FCCLA, a non-profit organization that focuses on community service.

“It was like a childhood dream to be able to go to state conference and be the state president because when I first went to state, it was what I wanted and it was a goal for myself so to be able to go and have that position was just kind of a dream come true.”

Even though he achieves goals on his own on the court, ask him his favorite part about tennis…

“Just the people I’m surrounded by, I mean I have an incredible team and awesome coaching staff and the fact that I’m able to come play the sport that I love and just laugh every day, I don’t know, I kind of just have no words for it, but I just really appreciate it and that’s why I love being here.”

As Ray continues on to play tennis at Brescia University in Kentucky next year, he won’t forget what got him here.

“I’ve definitely had just a lot of just experiences on and off the court that really made me tough, so being able to be out here and never give up on myself and know what my end goal is, it really helps me out on the court.”