No way of cheating sobriety tests for drunk drivers, says WSP

No way of cheating sobriety tests for drunk drivers, says WSP

Last December, Washington State Patrol arrested more than 130 drivers in the region for drunk driving. WSP troopers, along with several other local law enforcement agencies, are out patrolling Monday night to make sure no one behind the wheel is under the influence.

Troopers are making this message as simple as possible for New Year’s Eve. If you’re going to be out having fun and drinking alcohol – that’s fine. But if you’re driving a car, you’re going to be arrested, and there will be consequences.

Many might be familiar with what troopers call a field sobriety test. It’s what troopers ask drivers to do if they suspect they’ve been drinking. There are so many rumored myths that come along with how you might think you can cheat the test.

KXLY4 rode along with a trooper to find out, just how much truth there is to any of those.

Most field sobriety tests, start with one of your’s body’s major giveaways.

“There’s something called nystagmus, which is the involuntary jerking of the eyes,” said Trooper Jason Bart, Washington State Patrol.

If you think you can trick the system, WSP said, you’re wrong.

“You can’t control it, the alcohol causes it – you either have it or you don’t have it. In reference to it being visible,” Trooper Bart said.

Troopers also check for simple things that can be difficult if you’ve been drinking.

“Just removing their wallet from their pocket, unbuckling their seatbelt, opening their car door, those things are lost and people don’t realize they’ve lost them,” Trooper Bart said.

Another tell is speech.

“They’ll lose a lot of words through a slur and they may try to control that, but that’s very hard to do if you’re affected or impaired by what you’ve consumed,” Trooper Bart said.

These are all things you just can’t control after drinking alcohol.

If you fail the roadside test, you’ll be taken back to the public safety building for a breathalyzer test. Another test, you can’t cheat.

“We’ve all heard the stories of putting leather or pennies or anything in your mouth and it would give a false reading,” Trooper Bart said.

WSP said there’s no way around any of these tests. If you’re drunk, they can tell.

A really easy tip from troopers to ease your temptation from driving after drinking, just don’t drive to your destination in the first place. Leave your car at home and get a ride. If you don’t have a car that night, you won’t be driving.

WSP said they’ll have troopers out all night looking out for impaired drivers. But if you see a drunk driver on the road, they encourage you to call 911 with a license plate number.

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