‘No one is feeling good about it’: Neighbors upset with proposed dog park in East Central Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — We are continuing to follow up on a new dog park proposal from the City of Spokane.

A neighbor living near Underhill Park says people are still upset with the City’s public engagement in the dog park project.

Part of the proposal, the City is considering the park in East Central Spokane for a seven-acre dog park.

People living near Underhill Park say they are concerned about the City’s plan to build a dog park there.

Sam Mace, who lives near Underhill Park, says the process has not been transparent.

“Everybody is unhappy with this process,” Mace said. “No one is feeling good about it.”

After three meetings with the City’s Parks Department, she says the whole process has been without robust public engagement.

“You don’t put a huge project on the ground without addressing parking [and] without addressing impacts to people who are using this park,” Mace said. “That’s poor planning and [a] poor process.”

Mace says the City’s Park Planners should be more honest when it comes to addressing the timeline of the construction.

Jennifer Ogden, the City’s Park Board President, says the process is not a done deal yet.

“Boundaries of these dog parks are just proposed for these locations and have not been drawn up yet,” Ogden said. “The size has not been beneficially determined.”

Ogden says the design process will be the next step after choosing the locations.

“We are hoping that through site selections and the design process we can minimize some negative impacts,” Ogden said.

Park Officials say they want to hear more feedback.

“Send emails to the Park Board,” Ogden said. “Send them to Garrett Jones, Fianna Dickson or some of the Park Board clerks.

If there are too many unanswered questions, Ogden says they are willing to push the deadline back to November.

The City is also proposing dog parks at Lincoln Park and Hazel Creek. People in both of those neighborhoods told 4 News Now they don’t want dog parks there, either.

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