No more valedictorians

No more valedictorians

Spokane public schools are doing away with the valedictorian system and changing the way they rank graduating students.

The school district says these changes will lead to more well rounded graduates with better chances of getting into the colleges they want.

In the past high school senior were ranked 1 through 400 by their GPA.

But soon the district will start using the decile system for class rank.

The top 10 percent of students being number 1 the top 20 percent of students being number 2 and so on.

This new ranking will also tie in with the change from the valedictorian system to the latin honor system.

The district says these changes make it so students are not as worried about taking as many honors and AP classes as possible.

Instead the goal is to encourage students to take some rigorous classes but also some co-curriculars so they graduate with a more well rounded resume.

“They want kids with rigor but they want kids with a well-balanced, kids doing those co-curriculars, leadership. So if a kid didn’t choose one those courses to keep their grades up would be a mistake.

The district says they’ve done more than a year of research, talking to students, teachers, parents and counselors.

The board has not not voted on the changes yet but the district has been given permission to start looking at policies and procedures.