No extra parking planned in phase one upgrade to southeast sports complex

Major changes are coming to a popular south hill park used by hundreds of soccer families.

Demolition for Phase 1 of the Southeast Sports Complex at 2700 East 46th Avenue will start Nov 1.

The project, which the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation department has been planning since 2015, will transform the layout of the sports complex. All but one softball/baseball field will be removed to make room for more soccer fields. The current playground near 46th Avenue and Altamont will be demolished and replaced by a larger playground/splash pad area, which will be complete by spring 2019. New bathrooms and a picnic area will also be constructed.

Many parents are still concerned about parking. The main entrance and parking lot off Regal Street fills up in a hurry – especially on Saturdays. Soccer moms and dads are often forced to find parking on 46th Avenue and Altamont – clogging up the neighborhood behind the complex.

The city is aware of the parking issue, but new parking spaces are not included in Phase 1 of the project.

“It’s something that we would like to resolve long term – it would certainly be a second or third phase,” said Nick Hamad, Spokane Parks and Rec landscape architect.

Extra parking will be available in the future once development of a commercial lot next door is complete. The property is owned by KXLY, and a portion of it is being leased to Spokane Parks and Rec to build a new soccer field.