No evidence linking ‘Molest Me Mondays’ to sex ed curriculum, despite scrutiny

SEATTLE, Wash. —The closer we get to Election Day, the more heated it gets. This year, Referendum 90, also known as the sex education bill, is up for vote in Washington. 

It’s a big concern we’re seeing among parents, advocacy groups, and even those running for office. 

Now, a story 4 News Now broke earlier this year is getting pulled into the conversation. 

‘Molest Me Mondays’ is part of a series of disturbing games happening at a local middle school in the Spokane Public School District. 

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How the game started is now being twister in the R-90 debate. 

A virtual forum hosted by The League of Women Voters of Seattle and King County focused on the issue. 

“Molest me Mondays is not something anyone was proud of, for sure,” said SPS Board member Nikki Otero-Lockwood. “Very concerning behavior.” 

Lockwood’s shock was shared by many parents who watched 4 News Now’s coverage, exposing sexual assault acts masquerading as games at Shaw Middle School. The report even caught the attention of parents on the west side, like that of Jennifer Heine-Withee, of the group SW Washington Parents’ Rights in Education. 

“In Spokane, a year and a half ago, they adopted (Three R’s) curriculum,” said Heine-Withee. “Later on that year it was discovered playing a game called Molest Me Mondays and you can’t opt your child out of something like that.” 

The forum wasn’t the only place 4 News Now’s story was spotted. 

Jennifer Sefzik is running for Washington’s 42nd legislative district, which represents northwest Washington. Sefzik spoke to one parent who believes SPS’ Three R’s curriculum eventually led to Molest Me Monday’s- but the timeline doesn’t match up. 

Otero-Lockwood is on the Spokane Public Schools Board and defends Referendum 90. 

“We were going to teach it in 7th and 8th grade and then the pandemic hit, so actually the kids haven’t had the curriculum yet,” said Otero-Lockwood. 

As mentioned in 4 News Now’s previous coverage, administrators knew Molest Me Mondays have been playing on and off for years, before the new comprehensive curriculum was ever introduced. 

Not one source interviewed in the story mentioned Molest Me Monday’s originating from a sex ed curriculum. In fact, there’s no direct connection implying the two are related. 

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