No charges for US Marshal who shot suspect in Hillyard

SPOKANE, Wash. — A US Marshal who shot a wanted man in Hillyard will not face charges.

The Spokane County Prosecutor said Pat Green was justified in his use of force against Kevin Gellnes in September.

At the time, Gellnes was wanted for first-degree assault stemming from a shooting near Desmet and Magnolia. Green had found Gellnes near Everett and Regal the following day and went to arrest him.

It was then that Gellnes reportedly pulled out a handgun. Green responded by shooting the suspect.

Gellnes was taken to the hospital for his injuries and later booked into jail. An investigation showed he was armed with a teal-colored Taurus 9mm semi-auto handgun. A round was located in the chamber and there were additional live rounds in the magazine.

In an interview, Gellnes said he drew the firearm in order to throw it away, but later said he acted with the purpose of taking his own life by police shooting.