Nine Mile Falls woman discovers biological Greek family two days before Christmas

Nine Mile Falls woman discovers biological Greek family two days before Christmas

Nine Mile Falls resident Karen Williams knew she was adopted, she had the documentation and photos of her new family when she first came to the United States at 13 months old.

“I was born in Katerini, Greece and then taken to Athens, and then to San Diego,” said Williams.

What she didn’t know is that her biological siblings had been searching for her for decades.

“I had no idea,” she said. “Its thrilling to know that they have actually thought about me all these years, I had no idea.”

Two days before Christmas, thanks to the work of Williams daughters, they reconnected.

“I ran out in the yard and screamed, I was so overcome with emotion really,” she said.

Williams’ daughters had taken what they knew about their mothers background, all her documentation and photos and brought it to their local Greek Orthodox church for translation. Then they looked up Williams family name on Facebook and messaged all the applicable people that were in her home town. Someone who recognized the last name helped them track down who they were looking to find.

“After a few weeks I got a message back that said I found your family,” said Rhiannon Williams.

The next few days were an avalanche of communication as they shared pictures and family history.

Turns out Williams adoptive mother had agreed to send the biological parents a photo of their daughter every year and in addition to a family photo that Williams had arrived with, were able to confirm their relation.

“I’ve got 27 new family members on my Facebook,” said Williams, “they have been calling, texting, introducing themselves, I’ve had nephews, cousins and they are embracing my whole family.”

The biological siblings had been looking for Karen under her adoptive maiden name, and not her married name.

“It just warms my heart more than you can imagine, I’ve had tears and laughter and just been overwhelmed,” said Williams.

She is looking forward to learning more about her heritage, more about her history, and more about the Greek language. Many of her newfound relations don’t speak English, so Google Translate has been coming in handy.

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