NIC, HREI mostly quiet about past affiliations with Dolezal

NIC, HREI mostly quiet about past affiliations with Dolezal

Even though Rachel Dolezal is making headlines in Spokane she taught in North Idaho for nearly a decade, where she filed her first reports of hate crimes against her that were never proven.

The college wouldn’t go into specifics about Dolezal’s time at North Idaho College, only to confirm that she worked there from August of 2005 to November of last year.

During her time at NIC Dolezal rented a home near campus and it was at that home on Garden Street where she claimed she was the victim of a hate crime, telling police that someone hung a noose on the property.

The home’s owner told police he thought it was a rope used to dress a deer he had left there a year before. Police closed the investigation when Dolezal didn’t return their phone calls.

While in North Idaho Dolezal also worked at the Human Rights Education Institute from 2008 to 2010. HREI says for part of her employment she was the education director, that she also donated works of art to the institute and that she portrayed herself as African American during that time.

The institute hasn’t had any interaction with her since she left.