You need to make $214,200 income to live happily in Seattle, study suggests

SEATTLE, Wash. - New research from uses a study from Purdue University to calculate how much money you would need to make to be happy in the largest cities in the country.

Naturally, Spokane is exempt from the list as it is nowhere near large enough to make it.

The initial Purdue study indicates that, worldwide, folks would need to make between $60,000-$75,000 a year for day-to-day wellbeing, and $95,000 for overall life satisfaction. In the United States, that translates to an ideal income of $105,000 – which serves as the benchmark for GoBankingRates' study.

Seattle made the cut, and for day-to-day wellbeing, the study suggests you would need to make an income between $122,400-$153,000. For overall life satisfaction, you would need to make $193,800.

The study concludes that to be happy in Seattle, you would need to make an income of $214,200.

For more information, including the larger list of cities and their incomes to achieve happiness, you can view the GoBankingRates study here.