WSU student's viral tweet helps raise thousands for St. Jude

PULLMAN, Wash. - Sometimes, social media can be really powerful. This is one of those times.
On Saturday, 19-year-old WSU student Danni Messina posted on Twitter that she wanted "to give back to St. Jude and the families who are supported by their amazing services." Danni promised to donate $0.50 for every retweet and $0.25 for every favorite her tweet received, thinking only her close friends and family would see it.


Well, Danni's tweet quickly went rival, racking up over 200,000 retweets and 450,000 favorites. As a college student, she clearly can't afford to fork over more than $200,000. But Danni still wanted to help St. Jude, so on Sunday, she created a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the research hospital.
As of Wednesday morning, that Go Fund Me page had raised over $50,000 and counting for St. Jude, including a $25,000 donation, to which Danni replied, in a tweet, "My heart has never been happier."
Sometimes, a single tweet can inspire a powerful, and overwhelming, response.