WSU students leave trash, broken glass at popular spot along lower Snake River

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University students have reportedly trashed a popular recreation spot on the lower Snake River. 

The Whitman County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a large party of WSU students at Granite Point Friday afternoon.

By the time deputies arrived, a wind storm had apparently caused the students to head home. Deputies and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rangers tried to pick up the blowing trash. Rangers collected about 800 pounds of trash and discovered broken glass in the rocks, along with spray-painted graffiti.

The mess has forced the corps to close what WSU students commonly call "The Cliffs" until all the trash can be cleaned up. There is no word yet when the popular recreational spot will be reopened.

The corps has informed WSU of the incident. Sheriff Brett Myers says he will have deputies patrolling Granite Point this weekend. This marks the third time in recent years that party trash reportedly left by WSU students has forced the corps to shut down recreation areas on the river. 

The previous two incidents occurred at Illia Dunes downriver from Granite Point below lower Granite dam.

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