Woodward's communications director steps down, says she was asked to act against her values

SPOKANE, Wash. - The communications director for the Nadine Woodward mayoral campaign has resigned. 

In a blog post on Monday, Abra Belke said she was asked to act contrary to her values while with the campaign. Belke was named Woodward's campaign manager originally, but said she demoted herself to communications director. 

Like many professional women, I was taught that if you take on a commitment, you live up to it.  In my older years, however, I've realized that sometimes you have to ask if the follow-through is worth the cost.  If your work is costing you your mental health and putting you in a position where you are asked to act contrary to your values, should you keep going?

Last week, I decided that the answer was no.

4 News Now reached out to Belke for further comment regarding the situation. Belke said the blog will be her only comment on the matter. 

Belke took over as campaign manager after Eleanor Baumgartner left the campaign. Baumgartner said she was brought in to help get the campaign launched and the plan was always to leave after the first few weeks. Baumgartner said she enjoyed working with Woodward and may assist with the campaign in the future. 

On Monday, 4 News Now reached out to Woodward directly for comment on Belke's resignation, but has not received comment. 

Read Belke's full blog post here. 

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