Welding program gives students bright future

SPOKANE, Wash. - While President Trumps talks about protecting the American aluminum and steel industries, Spokane Public Schools is preparing students for careers in aluminum and steel.

The NEWTECH Welding Technology Program, under the leadership of welding instructor, Andrew Syder, is preparing Juniors and Seniors, in high school, for high demand/high wage jobs in the Manufacturing and Fabrication industries.

Students enrolled in Welding Technology Program can earn their AWS Certification while they are still in high school!

Recently current students, Mark Miroshin and Jacob Caputo, began their worksite based learning placement at Wagstaff, Inc.  

They work at Wagstaff, five hours a day Monday through Thursday and earn $13 an hour.

They attend their Welding Technology class on Fridays, at NEWTECH.

Two other NEWTECH Welding students, Robert Tague and Ben McKinnis, will be taking a hands-on/skills based placement assessment at Metals Fabrication Company, next week.  If they pass this assessment, they will have an opportunity to participate in worksite based learning at Metals Fabrication Company. 

To learn more about NEWTECH click here.


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