Wednesday's Child: Hunter

TACOMA, Wash. - This week's Wednesday's Child has a fantastic sense of humor and a heart for animals.

Meet Hunter. This 12-year-old is very comfortable around all sorts of animals at the Debbie Doolittle Indoor Petting Zoo in Tacoma.

Hunter has spent some time in the country, on a farm.

"My farm was by some woods and I built a treehouse there and that was my favorite thing," said Hunter. "I love treehouses."

He enjoys lots of outdoor stuff, like fishing and hunting.

I called Hunter a renaissance man. He's outdoorsy, but is also quite happy chilling in front of a computer or TV.

He's also a reader. His favorite book is "The Life of and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

It seems rather fitting that he, too, is about experiencing new things.

"I like that I'm adventurous and I like things that probably a lot of people don't," said Hunter.

Hunter shared with me that he would very much like to be adopted, by one mom or two. But he's not crazy about the idea of sisters.

Living in a rural setting would be great, but not essential. And pets?

"I like every animal cause animals are awesome," Hunter said.

Most of all, Hunter wants a family to call his own, who will love him and support him, through the major stuff, and the daily.

For more information about adopting Hunter, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.