Water crisis has businesses scrambling

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - The on-going water crisis in Airway Heights has some businesses struggling to keep their doors open.

Morgan Peredo, like every other food service worker in Airway Heights, showed up to work at Rosa's Pizza on Wednesday not sure what kind of day to expect.

"There was no warning to it," shrugged Peredo, "We couldn't quite really be like 'OK, here's what we're gonna do.' We're just kinda taking it day by day, hour by hour."

Fortunately for Rosa's - their sister store in Cheney is able make dough and ship it to their Airway Heights location.

"We're lucky Cheney doesn't have this issue... at the moment"

While Rosa's was able to serve pizza, other businesses had their doors completely shut. Jacob's Java, located in the middle of Airway Heights, was closed all day - as it's difficult to serve fresh coffee without water.

This is something Yoke's Manager Rick Duclos understands all too well.

"Things like coffee, pop machines, and donuts - all that kind of stuff you use water to mix," explained Duclos.

While it's too early to deliver concrete numbers, every business we spoke with, Yokes included, agreed the crisis would certainly hurt the bottom line - but the customer would not pay the price.

"We're basically gonna give a bunch of water away tomorrow. 815 cases I think....we're gonna run with our regular prices," said Duclos.