WATCH ON GMNW: How to help prevent, report child abuse in our community

SPOKANE, Wash. - According to the American Society for Positive Care of Children, five children die from child abuse every single day. 

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, a time to shine a light on abuse and neglect in our community and ways to protect our children. 

"Spokane has a prevalent amount of child abuse and neglect," said Erik Larson, a Social Services Specialist with the Department of Social & Health Service's Children's Adminsitration. "There's neglect, there's physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and abandonment," he said. 

This morning, KXLY4's Caroline Flynn is debunking some myths that might stop someone from reporting possible child abuse, and letting you know about some helpful tools if you think a child could be in danger. 

:"You calling in ... you won't know if you're the first person to call or the 7th person to call in. There may have been six phone calls before you but your call could be the one that tips off an intervention," said Larson.

More on Good Morning Northwest at 6:00. 


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