Two arrested in Oregon for Idaho burglary

WHITE BIRD, Idaho - Two people wanted for a burglary in White Bird, Idaho were arrested in Baker City, Oregon. 

According to the Idaho County Sheriff's Office, Hoots Cafe in White Bird was burglarized in the early morning hours of February 23.  The cafe told investigators that cash and business checks had been stolen.

Investigators collected evidence and viewed video of the burglary.

Arrest warrants were subsequently secured for Shamra C. Dewitt, 31, of Pollock, for Felony Grand Theft and two counts of misdemeanor Petit Theft and Steeven G. Nunez, 29, of Pollock for Felony Burglary, Felony Grand Theft and two counts of misdemeanor Petit Theft.  

On March 4, 2018, Dewitt and Nunez were arrested on the warrants by Baker City Police in Baker County, Oregon.  

BPD subsequently assisted an ICSO Detective with a search of the vehicle where additional evidence was located.   

Bond on Dewitt’s warrant is $25,000.00 and bond on Nunez is set at $50,000.00.

At this time, neither has bonded and both are awaiting extradition to Idaho County.  

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