TSA begins new security screening procedures at Spokane International Airport

TSA begins new security screening...

TSA officials understand their checkpoints aren't the most pleasant part of travel. It can be uncomfortable, invasive and slow at times. That's why they're working to educate air travelers about what they can expect.

You should know that starting Thursday, any electronic device bigger than a cell phone now has to be taken out of you bag and placed in a bin. That includes cameras, tablets, and just about anything with a battery in it. Another change: that one quart bag of liquids and gels like your hair products and tooth paste must also be removed and placed in it's own bin.

All this is meant to allow x-ray machine operators to have better look at those items as electronics have become big targets for terrorists.

"These rules are in place at some airports but they are not in place at every airport. So some passengers are unfamiliar with them and so if you have to dig in your bag and go through all of your belongings to locate your electronic items that can slow the process down for you and for everybody behind you," says Lorrie Dankers with TSA Public Affairs.

Dankers says these changes will soon be rolled out everywhere. If you come to the airport prepared and aware of the new rules you shouldn't have to arrive any earlier than the standard 90 minutes before your flight.