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Trapped inside a burning car

SPOKANE, Wash. - Dramatic police body cam video is being shared across the country as a Spokane Police officer is shown pulling a woman from her burning car.

Many drivers are now asking what they would do if they were trapped inside a burning car.

KXLY tested out an emergency safety tool and a spring-loaded center punch. The emegency safety tool did not work after multiple attempts. The spring-loaded center punch does work on windows that are not laminated. Spring-loaded center punches are sold at local hardware stores for under ten dollars. If you do have laminated windows, you must escape through the back windows or wait for fire crews to arrive.

Windshields are laminated and much tougher to brea and so are windows on newer cars like Novak's, which makes that rescue all that more amazing. Kim is thankful for the officer that saved her life.

“I just give him hugs all the time! He is my hero,” Novak said to Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering.

Novak's auto locks quit working when her car was on fire, but if you are ever in panic mode, remember to take a minute, take a breath and remember: you may be able to lift up the locks yourself and open
the door and escape.