Tips for summer energy savings

SPOKANE, Wash. - Beat the heat without breaking the bank this summer by following just a few easy tips.

With temperature's predicted in the 90's over the next few days, you may be tempted to crank up the air conditioner.

However, Tom Lienhard, Chief Energy Efficiency Engineer for Avista said to really save money you should turn up your thermostat.

"If you understand it is 90 outside maybe you can be at 76 instead of 72," said Tom Lienhard, Chief Energy Efficiency Engineer for Avista.

"Your body will get used to that temperature.  Also closing blinds,  stopping the sun from coming in and heating your house is very beneficial," said Lienhard.

Lienhard said every degree you turn your thermostat up, you can save up to 3% on your cooling bill.

Other energy saving tips include taking advantage of the dip on temperature overnight.

"If you can, if you get up early you can let some of that cool air into the house and shut the house down and you might be able to save the air conditioning," said Lienhard.

Lienhard also recommends drying laundry outside, installing a ceiling fan and using heat producing appliances after 7 p.m.