Tip: If you give deputies a fake name, make sure that person has no warrants

SPOKANE, Wash - Spokane Sheriff's deputies say a man who tried to give a fake name during a traffic stop created even more of a fuss when the name of the person he gave turned out to be someone with active warrants for his arrest.

Deputies ran a license plate on a vehicle Tuesday night, which showed the registered owner's driver's license was suspended. 

They asked the driver, later identified as Michael Kinne, for his license. Kinne said he didn't have it with him. He then told the deputies the stop was illegal and he didn't have to identify himself.  

Deputies asked Kinne to get out of the car and he was detained. Upon further questioning, Kinne provided a name. Deputies ran the name through their system and found active felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants. When he was informed of those warrants, deputies say Kinne lied and provided his actual name.

He was found to have a no contact order which prohibited him from being in contact with the woman who had been in the car with him. She was allowed to leave the scene on her own.

Kinne was booked into the Spokane County Jail for violating an order, driving while suspended and making false or misleading statements.