Thieves ransack Loon Lake home

LOON LAKE, Wash. - A Loon Lake couple is still picking up the mess thieves left behind over the weekend after breaking into their home.

"There wasn't one inch of that house that they didn't go through," said homeowner Deborah Shaw.

Thieves stole a dirt bike, Shaw's 45 year old jewelry collection, her husband's coin collection, and several power tools, among other things.  Shaw is still discovering missing items as she digs through her belongings, which cover the floors. 

Thieves ripped family photos from the walls and shattered the frames. They tore through drawers, broke light bulbs, ripped up carpet, and even left the couple's fridge and freezer wide open - spoiling all the food inside.  

"I don't think we have any enemies - I'm pretty sure we don't, but to do something like that, I think I would know, Shaw said."

The Stevens County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Shaw hopes anyone with information will come forward.

Shaw said, "I just hope Karma gets them."

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