Teenage girls save couple's home from fire

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - One Coeur d'Alene couple is counting their blessings after a lightning strike nearly cost them their home, but the quick actions of two teenage girls helped save the house. 

Now those girls are being hailed as heroes. 

Spike and Sue Dunton were out enjoying dinner Wednesday evening, but little did they know their house was on fire.

"We're feeling blessed that it wasn't worse,"  said Sue. "It could've been the whole house, the whole forest, the whole neighborhood."

Across the bay, however, others did notice after a lightning strike got their attention. 

"It was really loud," said Christine Carlson, one of the two girls. "I feel like it's the closest I've ever been to lightning."

Christine and her sister Carisa told their grandfather who then called for help. 

"We are so thankful for those two girls that just happened to be looking out the window," said Spike. "They saw the strike and a few minutes later they were able to see the fire, from quite a distance."

Crews responded in time to save almost the entire houes and everything inside.

The Dunton's may not have been home but their little dog Bucko was. Firefighters found him under a bed and were able to save him.

"He's a little kind of freaked out of noise right now," said Sue.

Bucko is safe, and are the love letters Sue and Spike wrote each other six decades ago.

"They were from 60 years ago when we were childhood sweethearts and didn't have emails and we didn't have textomg so those letters got a little juicy," said Sue,  laughing. 

So many precious items in the house were saved thanks to these two teens and local fire crews. Had Spike not widened a corner on his driveway, fire engines would have been stuck at the bottom.

On Friday, these heroes and homeowners met for the first time.

Believe it or not, lightning has struck the Dunton's twice: Their home in California also caught fire after lightning struck a palm tree. 

"We were not home, both places, so it's not us! It's our houses!" said Sue.

The couple is counting their blessings and these girls are forever heroes to them.