Teacher makes surprise proposal during school assembly

SPOKANE, Wash. - High school is nearing an end for local seniors. It's been four years of irreplaceable memories, with a lifetime of new ones ahead.  And one local teacher wanted to give his seniors one last surprise before they graduated. 

It's easy for teachers to get attached to their students and one Spanish teacher at Rogers High School had a special way of sending his seniors off to conquer the world while embarking on a new adventure himself. 

So as summer break is knocking at the door Thursday evening, Spanish teacher Jose Montesinos is helping students hold on for just a few more days. Telling the students during an assembly, "It's all about the memories." And he's about to add one more of those memories to the high school yearbook.

Above the bleachers students hold a rolled up banner that stretches the length of the bleacher. Montesinos finishes up addressing the seniors and turns to acknowledge his girlfriend, who is sitting in the front row. He made an excuse to get her to the gym that morning. 

Montesinos introduces Melissa Chartrey as his lovely lady then hands the mic off and gets down on one knee. Melissa's hands rise to her face as her chin drops. So does the rolled up sign the students had been holding. It reads, 'Will you marry me?'

"He told me he was going to be presented with an award today and he would like me to be there," said Chartrey. "I got the big reward, absolutely."

Montesinos couldn't hold back a few tears. "A lot of pressure. A lot of my colleagues were like, 'Woah, why you doing it in front of the kids?'" said Montesinos. "Proud to be a Pirate today and nothing better than share it with my students as well."

A new beginning for seniors and one señor. "I had no idea, no idea," said Chartrey. "But it was beautiful and wonderful."

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