SVIU arrests six suspects in relation to same residence, three released

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Detectives with the Spokane Valley Investigative Unit arrested six suspects earlier this week, three of which are already back out on the streets. 

Detectives responded to reports of neighborhood disruption at the residence of of Gary B. Olive, 51, located on N. Farr Road. According to a statement by the Spokane Police Department, this was not their first visit to the home. 

Olive had been arrested in March 2018, for multiple counts of posessing of a controlled substance, as well as intent to deliver Heroin and Methamphetamine. Olive pleaded guilty to lesser crimes and served his time in jail. 

Since his release, multiple complaints had been issued about the heavy traffic and possible drug dealing at Olive’s home, and detectives kept a continued surveillance of the residence. 

It was surveillance that led to Olive’s arrest again, for four counts of possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver. 

Olive was booked into the Spokane County Jail, but was released the next day after his first appearance in court. Investigators seized two vehicles and over $2,450 from his home, as well as drug paraphernelia, drugs, and documents showing proof of drug dealing. 

His was not the only arrest. 

John P. Oak, 51, was recently arrested on April 27, 2019, for a felony Washington State DOC escape community custody warrant when he left Olive’s residence, driving a Dodge truck. Oak was booked on new criminal charges of possession of a controlled substance, driving while suspended 3rd degree, obstructing and reckless driving at the conclusion of the traffic stop. He is currently in custody on a DOC hold. 

Just two days later, detectives arrested another person in relation to Olive’s residence. Trevor K. Jefferson, 23, was booked for possession of controlled substances, but released the next day after his first appearance in court. 

Also in relation to the home were Jessica L. Burnett, 27, and Ashley A Mahome, 28. Burnett was arrested for a felony Washington state DOC warrant for theft 2nd degree, as well as mutliple counts of possessing controlled substances, and remains in custody on a DOC hold. Mahome was arrested for possessing a controlled substance, but released after her first appearance in court. 

The sixth suspect, Christopher L. Dahlman, 27, was arrested for a felony Washington state DOC warrant for possession of a controlled substance. Dahlman was booked into the Spokane County Jail and remains in custody on a Washington state DOC hold.  

This is an ongoing investigation. 

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